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CROC IT translations is the official translation team of CROC incorporated, a systems integrator that has been operating in the Russian IT market since 1992. Going back as far as 1996, the team has supported CROC's technological departments, as well as marketing, legal, accounting, and HR teams. In addition, the team has also recently worked on CROC projects in Turkey and Arabian Gulf countries.

Our translation competence covers all CROC solutions and services, including data centers, cloud computing, systems integration, telecom, engineering, information security, virtual reality, building information modeling (BIM), and Internet of Things (IoT), and many more. We translate partner agreements, bidding documents, technical and commercial proposals, manuals, website content, presentations, social media posts, solution whitepapers, as well as legal and finance papers. Have your texts translated by professionals!

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Ivan Chaplygin
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Evgeny Mamontov
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